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Classic women's Brief Panties hold an erotic allure for many.

For many of us that grew up in the 1950's 1960's and 1970's women's brief panties continue to hold an erotic sexual allure.  For many babyboomers, classic full brief panties remain a focus of their erotic memories. The abundance of shiny silky fabric holds an erotic feminine allure, even to this day. Perhaps your first glimpse of women's briefs, was a peek up a woman's dress. Maybe it was a flash of the neighbor lady's brief panties as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. Maybe you were lying on the floor as your mother or your auntie was doing the housekeeping, and you were fortunate enough to gaze up her dress and see the forbidden sparkle of the gusset of her shimmering brief panties.

There are many accounts of preadolescent boys finding their mother's brief panties in the hamper.  Then, tempted by the silky feminine underwear, they often go on to sniff the panties, masturbate with them, or even try them on, experimenting with the confusing and often guilt-ridden arousal that is inevitable, when a horny young boy steps into a big silky pair of nylon brief panties.  The feelings of guilt perpetuate the behavior, and many boys will seek out the panties of sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and even neighbors and strangers, in an effort to satisfy their unquenchable lust for the forbidden object of their arousal.

Why women's brief panties?  Brief panties are erotic, not because of what they reveal, but because of what they cover.  Ladies briefs are also erotic because of what they symbolize... that everything contained by them, is both forbidden and desireable.  Brief panties are also erotic because of how they feel.  Brief panties, unlike skimpy contemporary thong panties, are designed to cover a woman from waist to thighs with soft silky feminine fabric.  The soft shiny nylon fabric provides comfort and luxury to the woman wearing brief panties, making her feel feminine and special.  And for the boy or man tempted by a panty fetish, brief panties with their abundance of luxurious nylon fabric, hold a promise of forbidden sensual pleasure, with plenty of silky nylon to cover his penis, even when he has an erection.

Pictures of women wearing brief panties.  Many of us found our first forms of erotica in the Sears Catalog.  We looked through the lingerie section, at the pictures of the beautiful women wearing panties, bras, slips, nightgowns, girdles, stockings, and more.  But now, these images of women wearing classic lingerie, and brief panties in particular, are more difficult to find.  The internet provides a plethora of web sites showing women fully nude, and even performing blatant sex acts.  But there are very few that show beautiful mature women, wearing full brief panties, stockings, bras, nightgowns and slips. Our sponsor, Sonia, is one of the few women that falls into this category.  On her site, you will find pictures of her in hundreds of different sexy outfits, slowly revealing the beautiful panties and lingerie she is wearing underneath.  We are grateful to Sonia for helping us keep alive, the memories of the women in our lives that had panty drawers full of nylon brief panties, that allowed their lace slips to show from the hem of their dresses, that were comfortable parading around the house in their brief panties, bras and slips, and that left their lingerie hanging on clotheslines.  Sonia is all of these women, and we thank her for that!

Please take a moment to visit our sponsor, where you will find pictures of this gorgeous mature woman wearing beautiful brief panties...

Sonia Dane - Creator and Founding Partner of LingeriePass


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